About This Map

The Solar Career Map explores an expanding universe of occupations in the solar and energy storage industry. We invite you to explore this map to find solar career opportunities based on the full spectrum of education levels, interests, and experience. This map also charts advancement to new positions and identifies the credentials necessary to do a job well.

The Solar Career Map emerged from a simple vision: High-quality work and high-quality jobs are critical to building a robust solar and storage industry. Excellence is both possible and necessary across a broad spectrum of solar careers. The map describes how to get there.

Use the Solar Career Map to explore a selection of more than 43 jobs across four industry sectors, and identify more than 60 routes to advancement between them. Each occupation on the map features additional opportunities for progress and promotion. Multi-sector pathways reinforce the idea of lifelong learning and the natural evolution of skills and interests.

The Solar Career Map was built for a wide audience including job seekers, employers, educators, career advisors, policymakers, and workforce professionals. But it is designed to explore the scope of an industry and its available opportunities rather than a specific job. Consider it a window rather than a microscope, a kaleidoscope rather than a blueprint.

About the Interstate Renewable Energy Council

The Solar Career Map was developed by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), an independent nonprofit organization that builds the foundation for the rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency to benefit people, the economy, and our planet. As the National Administrator of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Instructor Training Network, IREC worked with solar and workforce experts around the country—leaders from education, government, business, labor, and communities—to produce this highly acclaimed interactive tool.

IREC also publishes the annual National Solar Jobs Census, the authoritative report that has tracked solar industry job growth and workforce development since 2010. Read the Solar Jobs Census here.

Interested in getting involved? We invite you to join the National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance, a cross-sector effort to improve clean energy education, training, and job placement outcomes. The Alliance convenes online more than 500 employers, training providers, community-based recruitment and support organizations, and energy justice organizations. Sign up here to receive information on upcoming Alliance events and activities.

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